Harlequin books – Where fiction is at its best

If you are an avid fan of fiction, then you must have heard of Harlequin Books. They publish fiction books in about 29 different languages and have been catering to the needs of the book lovers for quite some time now. This publishing company is best at romantic fiction and at least 120 different titles are published every month by this company. The series of books published by this publishing company have found many takers. There is a loyal customer base for this company. Harlequin has a series of upcoming books like “True Blue Cowboy”, “A Cowboy’s heart”, “Cowboy meets his match” etc. Readers are eagerly looking forward for the release of these books. It is because of the brand value of this company that expectation is sky-high for these books published by Harlequin.

Readers can also subscribe to e-book services of Harlequin. Certain books are exclusively available in the online format and readers can enjoy them by paying the necessary subscription amount with just a click of a button. There are also blogs on the official portal of Harlequin where readers can record their viewpoints on the romantic novels read by them. Romance is a category that requires a particular talent. It is indeed a special talent to capture the readers’ minds and there are only few famous love stories authors today who are considered the masters of romance.

Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice), Nicholas Sparks (A Walk to remember), John Green (The Fault in our stars), William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) and many more have woven magic through their romantic books that have touched the readers’ heart. Inspired by these greats, nowadays, many young authors (men and women) have started writing romantic stories with great twists and turns. In India, the romance fiction industry is probably the biggest growing sector than other fields because of the entry of phenomenally talented youngsters.

Love stories have never lost its sheen right from the time they originated. Today, there are many varieties of love stories written by the new generation of authors. Comedy, tragedy, family values and other sub-elements are artistically interwoven into the romance fiction which makes the plot interesting for the readers. A good romantic fiction is one where the readers are not able to keep the book down and one that keeps them captivated throughout. Some of the evergreen romantic classics are still fresh in our memory though it has been many years since we read them. That is the power that love stories possess. The popularity of these love stories is so high, that many film-makers make movies based on them. However, the good old charm that we experience as we turn the pages of the book can definitely not by simulated on the celluloid screen where the story is condensed within 2 hours.


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