List aggregation: Managing the data



Applications on the share point platform require handling of the information efficiently because majority of the websites are data centric. List aggregation web part plays a very important role in running the cross site collection queries and displays the results in an organized manner. It is an open fact that end users frequently need to access data from varied sources across the internet and thus requires aggregator to accomplish the task without any hiccups.  Different functional views such as the open issues from the project sites and all active announcements are provided with the web part as built in functionalities. Sometimes people require latest press release from the websites and it involves sifting through the endless labyrinth of data on the internet.

Professional edition of the list aggregator is able to access caching features of the web part so that the results could be retrieved without additional delay. One of the positive outcomes is the capability of the component to run resource intensive queries from different web application. Therefore, the web server has to face fewer loads as compared to the situation where the conventional web part is used.

SharePoint Column permission involves multiple approaches so that restrictions could be placed at the item or document level. Administrators can use the functionalities of the list to allow the users to edit delete or view the columns. One can enforce security of the column by denying unauthorized access to the required information. Conditional formatting is the procedure required to accomplish the task and it does a great job by hiding the column from the users who are not intended to view detailed information.

Another method involves the new features of the list such as the projection of a field from the child into the parent. For instance, if an order list is created by the application it displays only the address and name of the individual buying the product however it is read-only information for the end users. To secure the information, data is stored in two separate lists that could be linked by a common column for running the query in an inefficient manner. The views display both lists however the visibility depends on the types of users accessing the information.  Share point is an essential element to establish security at the list level but also protects the meta-data of the table. Writing additional code for customizing the data is a wonderful prospect for the administrator to delegate different responsibilities to the users according to their departments. Prior to enforcing the column level permission, it is important to make sure that the performance of the application doesn’t suffer.  Aggregator is a very crucial component in preventing the intruders from barging into the website and stealing essential information.


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