House cleaning services Auckland: Enhancing the appearance of homes

 If you are tenant or even the owner, House cleaning services Auckland would help in removing all the dust and dirt from the homes. Landlords preparing dwelling units for the new tenants could contact the company for the mop up operations inside the house. Some of the services include interior cleaning of sitting, bed rooms along with walls, frames, skirting boards and mirrors. Besides, spot cleaning of the mould will also be carried out to stop the spreading of germs due to deposition of wet dirt.

Carpet cleaning and flooring is an important part of the procedure which involves the removal of the trash from the carpet spread out in hallways, bedrooms and the living rooms. Vacuum cleaner machine is used to perform the task of sucking up all the dirt and thereafter the fabric is treated with a mild disinfectant to kill germs present in the environment. Majority of houses are equipped with windows of different sizes, so the cleaning requirements are also varied. Apart from bed room, disinfectants are used to clean toilets, showers, sinks, bath tubs and taps. Capable staff polishes the surface of the mirrors and tiles making them glisten to a great extent.

While cleaning the kitchen, special care is taken to eliminate all the stuck food particles that might cause problems and other health related issues to the people. Kitchen surface is properly washed with disinfectant and scrubbed to a great extent. Oven cleaning is available as a part of the separate service, therefore to perform the task it is necessary to consult the operator.

Auckland commercial cleaning comprises of regular scheduled cleaning of the official premises including the ware house. Cleaning will help to improve the hygienic condition of the offices and also enhance productivity of the workers. Commercial cleaners are trained extensively and rigorously vetted so that they are able to meet the high standards set by the customers.  Kitchen with bed rooms are manually cleaned and all the stains are taken care of by the professional experts. Real estate check list is used to clean and eliminate all the impurities from the house and offices. It will improve the resale value of the dwelling units and people can get good deals if they are planning to their homes in the market.

Apart from cleaning, MY Bond Company also specializes in outdoor maintenance to improve the landscape of the house. Activity such as water blasting is essential for warding off the growth of algae, mold and grime which are source of potential diseases.  In addition, outdoor window washing is performed by the capable workers in places difficult to access. Rubbish removal and leveling of uneven paving stones will help to transform the appearance of the home.


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