Siemens Repair in Canada

Small scale or large scale industries have heavy motors, engines, generators and equipments installed to process, develop and deploy their products.  Industries are extremely dependent on these installations. Therefore, regular good condition checking is necessary. This is called as maintenance. There could be repairs, and servicing them is a routine. Every house uses many machines for cleaning, washing, grinding and process.

Siemens Repair in Canada and Siemens Servo Repair USA offer industry solutions with a full range of repair services for most equipment. Defective electrical or electronic or machines or sophisticated mechanical products, components, devices are provided with repair services. Regular testing for reliability, usability and testing for performance is conducted on transformers, motors and more.

Most repair centres have their own services provided and general categories are:

  • Simulation and testing
  • Engineering and re-engineering
  • Modernization, Customizing, Retro-fit and Up-gradation
  • Analysis and Verification

Repairs are done based on product requirements or customer requirements. There is also replacement of equipments.  Many sectors of repairs involved are in Industry Category and Electronic engineering category.

Industrial automation repair provides best quality products and customer services that consistently meet their expectations. They have a complete trouble shooting for all PCB and components test. With great experience and knowledge, they provide services for AC and DC servo drive, Servo controllers and Spindle Drive. Industrial automation has original factory with test equipments, quality procedures, documentation and OEM inventory parts and specifications. They have deployed highly trained technicians and provide quick delivery with effective communications.

Some of the Industry and Engineering servicing categories list are:

  • Industrial – Automation Equipment, Components, Automation Systems, Computer Systems, Computers, Electronics, Variable Speed Drives, Servo Controls, Equipment, Printed Circuit Boards, PLC Software, Equipment Maintenance, PLC Controls, Process Controllers, Process Control Equipment and Control Systems, Refurbishment services, Consumables and Test Equipment.
  • Instrumentation, Test & Measurement
  • Automation, Process & Control 
  • Materials Handling & Storage
  • Metal Working and heavy machinery
  • Mining
  • Environment Maintenance and Waste Management 
  • Food and Beverage Processes
  • AC and DC Power Supplies
  • Boards and Board Connectors
  • Cards
  • Circuit – Board Assemblies, Repairs, Refurbishments and System  Refurbishments
  • DC Converters
  • Servo Controllers and Drives
  • Electronic – Card Repairs, Circuit Board Repairs and repair services

IAR is providing start up assistance for corporate or industries and onsite troubleshooting. All their services are warranted for one year. They have networking like, Ethernet, DH+, Radio, Serial, and other bus protocols.  They work for many company products like Siemens, Baldor, Allen Bradley, ABB, FANUC, MITSUBISHI, YASKAWA, ElectroCraft, and more. What more in their services is, there is an immediate attention with no extra charge for any unsatisfied workmanship.


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