What to look for in a used forklifts

used forkliftsSmall to medium sized companies need forklifts to operate their warehouses and keep them running smoothly. Deciding to choose used over new is worth the lower costs, however it can turn into an expensive nightmare if your not educated. If your planning to buy used forklifts in Georgia, Alabama or Florida there are several key aspects to look for during the process. Many begin looking for a reliable machine on the Internet.

What most don’t realize is the Internet is filled with options from many companies, claiming to have quality products. Researching well written reviews on reputable websites should shed some light on the company’s integrity. Be sure to ask for serial numbers so you are able to contact the local forklift OEM dealer to verify the age of the machine/year of manufacture of the forklift, ensure the hours of the used forklifts are reasonable based on the age of machine, be sure the place you are buying your used forklift from actually owns the forklift and is not just brokering the machine for someone else.

having your forklift maintained by a local forklift professional who uses quality forklift parts will ensure your investment in a used forklift pays off in the long term.


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