Portland storage warehouse: A complete overview

A warehouse is a building where goods are stored in a systematic way for commercial purpose. In other words, a warehouse can be described as a house to keep and preserve commercial goods in a quantitative and qualitative manner so that they can easily, orderly and systematically be accessed whenever required. It is usually built in an industrial area on a large playing field. In addition to that, a large number of warehouses are found near railway stations, ports and airports due to bulk of transportation, loading and unloading services are required at these establishments.

Lesser manual works are undertaken in a warehouse owing to minimize the workforce and easy handling of heavier & bulky goods. Thus, forklifts, cranes, customized machineries and equipments are used for loading and unloading of goods.

A Portland storage warehouse gives all the necessary facilities and state of the art infrastructure for handling and preserving foods in an impeccable manner. A Washington warehousing is very much required for a variety of purposes including the protection and preservation of the goods, minimization in breakage & quality deterioration in the goods, smooth & timely flow of goods, reduction in post harvest loss, availability and storage of goods in remote areas, easy transportation etc.  Warehouse can be categorized in the following types:

Private warehouse: These types are set up by private business entities to store their goods. Now the numbers of these warehouses are growing rapidly since large scale producing firms have their own warehouse.

Public warehouse: These are made to store the public goods on rent basis. They can be made by government or a private enterprise.

Government warehouse: These are owned and run by government. A railway warehouse, port warehouse etc. may be put in this category.

Cold warehouse: Cold storages or cold warehouses are made to preserve the perishable goods. These warehouses can be made by government authorities as well as private owners. They are almost one fifth of the total numbers of general warehouses in USA.

An ideal Portland storage warehouse should have the following characteristics:

The warehouse should be nearby a railway station, port or a highway. Modern equipments and machineries should be there to reduce the wastage of goods and minimize the labor cost. The warehouse should have ample space and substantial security. Proper arrangement should be made for preserving perishable foods like green vegetable, fruits, eggs, milk, fish etc. The building should be made of modern technologies to resist natural or man-made calamities like earthquake, hurricane, fire etc.

The role of the internet cannot be underestimated in a warehouse. Internet helps in arranging and maintaining goods systematically and orderly. An intercontinental supply chain containing various warehouses is functioning smoothly with the help of internet.


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