What to Look for in Food Distribution and Third Party Warehouse Services

Distribution and Third Party Warehouse ServicesState-of-the-art food distribution centers should include an extensive web of truck, rail, air, river, and ocean transport.  Distribution centers should be well organized to make loading easy, efficient and cost effective for their clients. Companies who provide third party warehouse services, distribution and logistics are included in this category. A major competitive advantage of food distribution centers and third party warehouses based in Portland, Oregon (just minutes from the coast and the state of Washington) is their two-day advantage over California ports for shipments bound for Asia, not to mention their proximity to the Pacific Northwest.

How do you choose the right company?  A testimonial to such a company’s dedication and commitment to their clients includes the number of years the company has been in business and the number of repeat or long-term clients they serve. Look for a company that is located in the Pacific Northwest and offers transportation services throughout the Continental USA and, if necessary, internationally. From a Pacific Northwest hub such a company can efficiently serve your ocean-bound distribution needs which will not only provide your company with consistent, immediate and direct shipping services throughout the West Coast and internationally, but also save you substantial charges for freight and handling.

What else to look for in a company that offers distribution and third party warehousing?

  • Find out how the company will streamline your shipments to save you time, money and help insure excellent service.
  • Verify that the company can handle all of your freight or, if needed, just the overflow from your peak demand.
  • Are they an experienced and dependable company?
  • Can they deliver your goods on-time and in good condition?
  • Do they have a flexible fulfillment solution which integrate logistics and supports the ability to offer you the most competitive pricing and quality service that you need to run your business?
  • Do they offer third party warehousing?
  • Do they have convenient truck, rail, air, river, and ocean transportation services?

Based in Portland, Oregon, Bridgeport Distribution, Inc. is a leading example of an experienced company which meets all of the criteria above including value-added services in logistics, transportation, third party warehousing, inventory, product handling and more.

Get your shipment speeding toward its destination. Click here to learn more about why a company based in Portland, Oregon can offer more choices and lower cost of transportation to the West Coast and throughout the world.


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