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The Harlequin novels to be the ideal romantic set up for the hearts of plenty of teenaged readers. u can find Harlequin Romances from Barnes & Noble in print and as Romance books at HQNIndia.com


3 Ways in Which Inbound Tour Operators India Promote Inbound Tourism

India has always been a favourite tourism destination because of its myriad cultural diversity, variety of flora and fauna and rustic yet charming sightseeing places. In every direction of the country, there are some destinations that can enthral the tourists, leaving them with cherished memories of their trips. Tourism business in India in recent years has taken a surge to greater heights, mostly because of the inbound tour operators India. The fact remains intact that the destinations are in plenty. With the tour providers working towards promoting the travels to these destinations in a planned manner, many foreign tourists are coming to India in their vacations.

  • Foreign tourists with awareness – Awareness among the foreign travellers about the beautiful locations of India has strengthened due to plenty of online information and promotion of tourism. As a result, they search for the best tour operators India to arrange their vacation trips. The realisation by these tourists that tour operators can help them in visiting various scenic sightseeing locations in the country, suggests that the best way to go around in India would be by taking up the packages from these tour operators. This feature has been of immense value in promoting tourism in the country, especially for people from other countries.
  • Planning out the customised itineraries – Providing customised tour packages for foreign travellers have been responsible for many inbound trips. For such tourists, special packages are designed by consulting them and suggesting trips to a number of locations in the vicinity. Tour programmes like Golden Triangle Delhi, Agra and Jaipur trips are quite famous because it allows the tourists to visit various historical monuments in all these three cities including Taj Mahal, while they get to enjoy the local culture and cuisine of Rajasthan in the Jaipur leg of the tour. Similarly, a number of trips to Eastern and Southern India can be planned by the best tour operators India, especially for the foreign tourists.
  • Making early arrangements – During vacation trips, there are some important aspects of travel that need to be addressed. For those people, coming into India from outside, comfortable accommodations and facilities to travel within the tour itinerary helps in providing them hassle free trips. To make this possible, inbound tour operators India are collaborating with wide range of hotels and transport modes. Some of the best hotels, usually in the star category or boutique hotels are booked for these foreign tourists. In such hotels, the services rendered are world class standards, rooms are large and comfortable and cuisine represents various regions of the country. Travelling locally is done with comfortable sedans or luxury cars, so that tourists can easily travel conveniently across destinations.

Services of tour operators are highly essential in India to plan out the itineraries properly. With the trip planning in place, foreign tourists find it extremely convenient to move around in India and enjoy their trips. Since everything is arranged prior to their visits, they are no more required to worry about their accommodations or travels and they find such facilities by best tour operators India to be convenient in their visits.

Upcoming Variety by Indian Author in the Highly Popular Harlequin Novels Category

For about a century now, romance novels have titillated the imagination of readers across the globe. What started as a new genre in romance, in form of Mills and Boons, these novels have established themselves as favourite of millions of teens and female readers. In India also, the M&Bs have kindled the fire in the hearts of plenty of teenaged readers, who find the Harlequin novels to be the ideal romantic set up. Many of these readers are able to relate to the storyline in these romantic novels, more so because the background set up is highly varied. With the advent of Indian writers in the global arena, some of these publications are also being written by them. Although, this trend is newly acquiring a well known status, in the coming years, the market will be flooded by books from many writers from India.

  • Increase in number of book readers in paperbacks and electronic media

Paperback readership in India has grown in the last few decades, while in recent years there is a gradual but steady rise in the number of e-book readers. Since M&Bs are available in both paperback and electronic formats, they can be easily obtained by the interested readers. Indian readers are seemingly getting attracted to many of these Harlequin and M&B publications by an Indian author, since they can relate to the set up.

  • Trend being established for Indian set up in the romantic novels

Harlequin novels have romantic subjects at their core, with the cities and villages from India, with which readers are able to identify with ease. This kind of projection helps in popularising the Indian based novels, also being encouraged by the renowned romantic publishers like Harlequin and Mills & Boons. It is gradually getting into the minds of the readers, who find these kinds of romantic endeavours, real and possible. Hence, the readership increases as the books are referred from one person to another, from friends to friends.

  • Indian writers emerging in the world arena with interesting plots of romantic novels

Over the years, people are also getting good flavours from the Indian author, thereby also buying such books in paperback or eBook editions. Apart from romantic books, Indians have also established their capabilities in other genre, which is also contributing towards the popularity of romantic authors. Such an encouragement is boosting the confidence of small time writers to foray into the romantic world of books, where the protagonists are a man and a woman and they are linked by innocence of love for each other and end in a high note of their courtship.

  • Increased recognition of Indians as versatile writers and being published by many companies

It is possible to acquire these romantic novels through books stores, as well as from online shopping portals in India. As a result, people are able to lay their hands on plenty of books of their choice, which includes M&Bs and Harlequin novels. Indians have emerged as sought after authors of such romantic novels by many foreign publishers, so that their readership is gathering steam across the world, giving a new feature to the world of Indian romantic writing.